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// regarding the current times some of the promoted submission deadlines may be postponed
// some curators may take more time than usual to give you heads notice on received artwork as they may be putting it under quarantine


// aqui, aqui

? what's "aqui, 'aqui".

"aqui, 'ᴉnbɐ" is an online platform promoting and archiving past, present and further events on MailArt & ArtByMail that has or will occur at Portugal, produced or co-produced by

sharing the same name, "aqui, 'ᴉnbɐ" is the latest permanent international exhibition of MailArt and ArtByMail curated by Monsenhor enVide neFelibata. This show is renewed on the 31st of each month and has works done by children and for children and is renewed on the 31st of each month and has works done by children and for children

? who's Monsenhor enVide neFelibata.

Monsenhor enVide neFelibata dedicates himself to the constant exploration of art desecration, provocation, and to collaborations and conjoint creations with other artists

he participates, organizes and curates exhibitions on MailArt and ArtByMail in galleries, museums, libraries and unconventional spaces

Monsenhor enVide neFelibata is a collector of coasters, erasers, carpenter's tapes, typewriters, and all variety of small articles of art expression prior to the 1990s

he is an avid purchaser of books since he, very early, created an extensive personal library in its various themes

active mail artist before even knowing of the existence of a word to define this artistic genre, he foments, since he remembers, the art exchange between professionals and aspirants

he also organizes itinerant collective exhibitions allowing national and international artists to show their works inside Portugal

enVide neFelibata has been dedicated to MailArt since 2012 and since then he has produced more than 2200 artworks (about 250 pieces per year)

his artwork is shown on private and public, national and international collections; have been published in several catalogs and can be seen in several temporary international exhibitions (about 30 per year)

he also runs several MailArt workshops, curated more than a dozen exhibitions and closely collaborates with "Quinta da Cruz - Centro de Arte Contemporânea" where he is an art consultant in what relates to ​​MailArt

in August 2018 he created the online platform which presents itself as the most extensive and up-to-date international listing of MailArt calls and which aspires to be the most complete repository of this art form ever

? how can i join the project "aqui, aqui".

due date // no deadline, it's a permanent call

curator // Monsenhor enVide neFelibata

+info //

maximum dimensions // 190 x 280 mm | 7.5 x 11 in


show address // Biblioteca Municipal José Marmelo Silva, Espinho, Portugal

show date // the show is renewed on the 31st of each month, we'll keep you updated by email

extra // open to young artists up to 12 years old

? i would like to know more about this universe, where can I do it.

Biblioteca Municipal José Marmelo e Silva in close collaboration with the artist Monsenhor enVide neFelibata promotes several workshops and exhibitions related to this art form ... see the agenda, sign up or visit us

you can always get in touch directly with Monsenhor through the provided contacts

// ArtePostal, ArteCorreio, MailArt, ArtePorCorreio, ArtByMail

? does MailArt has something to do with postcards

no and yes, ... we do not refer to the traditional 10 x 15 cm postcards, but to the act of sending by post, addressed to a recipient and stamped

however nothing prevents you from creating typical and personalized postcards with MailArt concepts in mind

? first of all, why the distinction between MailArt and ArtByMail. ( from an interview by Sara Costa )

analyzing several artists career, I’m able to generalize that most creatives start unconsciously in this area

the one gender I call ArtByMail arose spontaneously by my need to send artworks to friends, artists or galleries, either as an offer or a form of self-promotion

ArtByMail uses postal services only as a means of artwork transportation and does not rely on these services for its creation

in MailArt, the case is rather different, ... in my opinion, MailArt succeeds to ArtByMail when the awareness of such a vehicle is born and the necessity for it

apparent simple actions, as the stamp location and the postal address are now part of the artistic creation, but above all, it is quite important, in its most purist form, to integrate the vehicle, for example the postman, into this joint art co-creation

the entire process and journey, from the sender to the recipient might be seen as a long performance that culminates with the receiver and the act of receiving it and so on

? the idea of MailArt goes through the democratization of artistic creation and dissemination, putting these gestures within the reach of all. has it grown, this awareness that it is possible to create with little means and without a consecrated "name". ( from an interview by Sara Costa )

i say in jest that to create MailArt/ArtByMail it is enough to buy the stamps, but it is important to remember that if we withdraw the "MAIL" transport vehicle from MailArt, we should still have "ART", but unfortunately this component is scarce in so many people’s creations

i can’t tell if there has been a growing awareness that it is possible to create with few means, since in reality this is the daily life of consecrated artists or not ... but i do can say that the idea that anyone can be an artist is being incorrectly sold because you just can’t get there effortlessly and without regular exercise

? when art moves from the freer circulation into galleries and collections, it becomes more inaccessible under various aspects. Is there a risk of this happening with MailArt. ( from an interview by Sara Costa )

i may be misunderstanding the question but considering that MailArt comes from a freer circulation is incorrect

in its purest form, it is a very personal and private way of communication between sender, recipient and transport vehicle and therefore this art form is tremendously inaccessible to the rest of the public

transposing these works into galleries corrupts MailArt concept, in a certain way, as well as its nature, and I do speak against myself

these shows, organized by me, are however essentially pedagogical and are intended to elucidate the public about this art form

? is there any rule or technique for the creation of MailArt.

consider that there are no rules for MailArt creation

we are talking about drawing, painting, writing, traditional or digital collage, sculpture, etc ...

? for those who never made MailArt before, what can you recommend as an initiation.

get enough stamps for a non-standard postal delivery and accept the challenge of staying within the weight limit using perhaps a kitchen scale

now, use the illustrations of those same stamps as a starting point for your visual composition. if the stamps have people performing water sports, you can always create an ocean or river scenario where those stamps ride those waves. do not type the addresses in a typical fashionable way but rather create patterns with those lines of text or even draw your own waves with the wavy look of the written text. and there you have it ... your first example of MailArt

if you now remove the waving text and the sports stamps ... you are left with a poor, meaningless or even blank work ... and this is how you can realize that you have created an example of one of the purest forms of MailArt

? and now, ... without addresses of other MailArt artists where to will I send my artwork.

until recently, artist's postal addresses were shared through Add&Pass that were sent from an artist to another artist, to another artist, to another artist ... in a long cycle. each artist added something in the composition that was being created by multiple hands and then, on the back, he would add his personal postal address right below the already long list. this was one of the several ways used to access a mailing list of other artists, ... and there are still those who produce Add&Pass, like it or not

you can also visit MailArt exhibitions and "steal" artist's postal addresses from their artwork

a more immediate solution will be to visit the latest and most up-to-date address list created by the American artist Jon Foster »

// convocatórias, chamadas, open calls

? what's an open call.

an open call is an invitation to all those who want to send artwork to another artist, organization or curator who will normally perform an exhibition or show with the received artwork

sometimes, open calls have themes that must be followed, maximum or minimum dimensions, and many more specifications

it is still common for the received artwork to be photographed and published and shared online

? where I can know about other open calls.

the platform managed by the artist Monsenhor enVide neFelibata has an exhaustive and updated list of several open calls that are taking place

there are calls with artwork submission deadlines as well as permanent calls that have no deadline and are open through the entire year

? are these calls secure.

the open calls promoted in were exposed to a selection and validation by Monsenhor itself, reason why they are reliable

some of these calls are designed to the general audience and some are strictly more advised for participation and/or to be seen by minors

sometimes some notes are presented and it will be up to each one of us to decide whether or not to submit works for a given open call

// submitting artwork

? what should i take notice when submitting artwork to open calls.

when submitting artwork to open calls, all artists are kindly requested to provide, by email or snail mail, the following information

artist > profile picture | name | brief bio | email address | website | address

artwork > title | media details | brief text

while addressing the artwork it is also important to identify it with the #open_call_name since the receiver may be hosting several open calls at the same time

? do i have to write my own home address as the sender.

it is common for artists to write their own address because in this way the recipient can "answer" back, but there are also cases of those who send anonymous artwork

some artists opted for the use of a PO BOX

// archive & repository

? my details are incorrect.

drop me an email with the needed correction

? can you take down my personal details from your website.

drop me a line by email if ya please

// features & contributions

? do you intent to create an app so that i can take these open calls with me, on my phone.

it has been on my mind and some PayPal contributions would be helpful to make it happen >

? how can i help you out, by translating the content to my native language.

although all the coding is prepared to have such implementation, ... at the present moment i'm not thinking about having it in other languages but do try to convince me

// random subjects

? my question is not listed here.

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