aqui, aqui

// regarding the current times some of the promoted submission deadlines may be postponed
// some curators may take more time than usual to give you heads notice on received artwork as they may be putting it under quarantine

aqui, aqui

// "AQUI, 'AQUI" is an online platform promoting and archiving past, present and further events on mail_art & art_by_mail that had or will occur at Portugal, produced or co-produced by

// sharing the same name, "AQUI, 'AQUI" is the latest permanent international exhibition of mail_art and art_by_mail curated by Monsenhor enVide neFelibata. This show is renewed on the 31st of each month and has works done by children and for children.

// at Espinho - Portugal, this project results from a partnership between the artist enVide neFelibata and the Municipality, which consists of regular international mail_art exhibitions that take place at the Museu Municipal de Espinho and the Biblioteca Municipal José Marmelo e Silva, as well as a cycle of workshops for classes and families throughout the year.

// the objective of this project is to promote and elucidate the public about this art form through a strong pedagogical focus.

// this is a project aimed at young creative people up to 12 years old, however from time to time adults submit artwork that we sometimes consider worth mentioning if we understand that they were created by their inner children or in posthumous collaboration.

// the artwork rotation allows revisiting and creating renewed collections confronting artists and times. This collection is also kept updated in digital format on the website and aims to become an object of study of the evolution of new artistic languages ​​by these authors, and possible future artistic careers, within the genre that is mail_art and the art_by_mail.

// check out the FAQ section in order to know something more about this project.


due date // no deadline, it's a permanent call

curator // Monsenhor enVide neFelibata

+info //

maximum dimensions // 190 x 280 mm | 7.5 x 11 in


show address // Biblioteca Municipal José Marmelo Silva, Espinho, Portugal

show date // the show is renewed on the 31st of each month, we'll keep you updated by email

extra // open to young artists up to 12 years old


At the moment the collection counts with 53 works from 39 artists from 4 different countries